Margaret Threadgold (soprano)


Margaret Threadgold was born in Kent and educated in London, at a school well known for its musical education.  Although she studied piano and saxophone, the voice was always her first "instrument." However, it was not until her 30's that Margaret began to seriously study singing, under the direction of Sylvia Stewart, Soprano and professor at the Royal College of Music.  Margaret has also received coaching from Benjamin Luxon, Ian Partridge and  Margaret Lensky amongst others and has won several awards, gaining first prize for Lieder, Opera and French melodie.  Margaret performs regularly as a soloist with the Kent Concert Orchestra at The Marlowe Theatre Canterbury and with various orchestras, brass bands, male voice choirs and a wide variety of small instrumental groups. She has given many concerts and recitals of popular classical and modern music and particularly enjoys singing pieces where the voice "enters into dialogue" with other instruments such as trumpet or clarinet.  Margaret has performed in many Prom concerts as Britannia and it is a role she enjoys immensely.

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